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Decision-making under complex conditions – an article by Anne Caspari

Decision-making processes are largely misunderstood Sufficiently Understood Considering the number of decisions we make every day in our private and working lives, it is amazing how many people do not even know how to make good decisions. Decision-making for many people is more like a process of guessing or betting on an outcome – ranging from what they eat in a restaurant to choosing a

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Virtual Trainings with Jensen & Komplizen? Our Experiences…

Another COVID-19 (corona virus) story? Maybe. Maybe not. Actually, it’s more about what was triggered by Corona. But let’s start from the beginning. Everything we offered at Jensen & Komplizen almost always took place face-to-face, with one exception: the mentoring and coaching sessions. Here we very often connected via telephone or camera. But virtual courses? That didn’t feel right at first – our strength lies

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Jensen Und Komplizen Celebrate Their First Anniversary!

One Year Older and a Lot Wiser Exactly one year ago, Corina and I opened the doors to our own small business. Time and reason enough to take a look back, because a lot has happened since then. We Have Grown A year ago, the two of us opened the doors together as “Jensen & Komplizen”, but we should not stay alone for long. A

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