Certified Agile Leadership

A boss has a title, a leader has the people - Simon Sinek

You no longer want to be just another leader, but want to become a real “agile leader”?

Then embark on your personal development journey with our Certified Agile Leadership training. Discover how you can become the leader you wish you would have had and help your teams surpass themselves and achieve incredible results!

In our leadership course you will learn how to be a true agile leader and create environments where great things can happen – through trust, motivation and joy at work. Of course, you are welcome to bring your comfort zone to the workshop, but you may hardly need it! Numerous “aha” moments, a sense of achievement, new insights and concrete exercises that you can try out directly with your colleagues will help you to get the most value out of this entertaining Agile Leadership training!

Certified Agile Leadership - Learnings

  • Deep understanding of how you as a role model can shape "culture"

  • A clear picture of when you take the lead and when you take a back seat

  • Awareness of how you can be empathetic and authentic

  • Knowledge of how to switch roles fluently as a leader

  • Tools and practical tips that you can apply immediately in your job with your colleagues

  • Many real-life experience reports and practical examples from the trainers

This Course as Inhouse Training?

New Certified Agile Leadership Structure

For more individuality and flexibility on your Agile Leadership journey, Scrum Alliance® introduces a new modular structure.. From now on you have the possibility to choose the combination of contents that is best for you. Instead of one CAL I course for all, there are now three variants. Choose the variant that best suits you and your context. Afterwards, you can continue to perfect your leadership skills with CAL II.

You can find more information about this here:

As already mentioned, the previous CAL I course has been divided into three thematic individual areas. These modules are designed in such a way that they can be booked individually as a 1-day course as well as a combination of different modules:

  1. Certified Agile Leadership Essentials (CAL-E)
    CAL-E is all about basic awareness for and understanding of agile leadership. You will learn how focus, behaviour and mindset of true agile leaders look like. With the CAL-Essentials module you are well equipped to start your journey as an agile leader and to master the agile transformation in your work environment.
  2. Certified Agile Leadership for Teams (CAL-T)
    For teams to find their way in this volatile, uncertain and complex world, an alternative to the old, traditional approaches to leadership is needed. In the CAL-T course you will learn how to create an environment where there is no need to fear failure. You will also learn how to foster a culture of transparency and “inspect and adapt” to enable experimentation and continuous learning in your teams. The focus of this course is not only on creating awareness for the rapidly changing dynamics of today’s workplace; it is also about equipping you as a leader with the techniques you need to successfully lead your teams in an agile way.
  3. Certified Agile Leadership for Organisations (CAL-O)
    Board members and CEOs are challenged to change the way they think about their organisational culture and people and become change agents themselves In the CAL-O module you will gain the knowledge, skills and techniques necessary to achieve sustainable agility for your entire organisation. The aim of this course is to raise awareness for the practices and principles of agility and to show how you can apply this to business and organisational agility. Various case studies and models will provide insights into how agility can work for your teams and your organisation.

Upcoming Agile Leadership Courses:

Currently we do not offer Agile Leadership courses in English.
If you are interested please contact us or check out if this course is available in German.